This is Jiyeon from T-ara. Saja letak gambar dia sebab dia lawa :3

It was a very nice and bright Sunday morning as the sun shone it’s golden rays over the land. In this weather, I just planned to stay at home and relax. I knew it would be very nice to go out in  this fine weather. However, I have decided to just stay at home as I have gone through a very tiring week. Suddenly, when I was relaxing, my younger brother, Kai, came into my room without knocking the door and shouted on top of his voice,

“Amber! Amber! Amber! Wake up!”

What is it?”, I asked.

“We’re going out today! Papa is taking us to a shopping mall then beaches and many more places! Come on! Let’s go!”, he explained with full of excitement.

                I told him that I was not feeling like going out that day. Then, my elder brother, Kris, came and persuaded me to go along as it was very rare to go out together with the whole family. Usually, eventhough it was during weekend, my father would be busy and didn’t have time for us. So, I dragged myself out off my bed and shuffled out from my room. Then, I saw that the most excited faces of Kai and Qri.  They were in high spirits when they knew we’re going out.

“Don’t hold your steps, dear. Come and help me pack these things up.”, my mother giving advice.

                We packed up some food for lunch. Then, Papa drove us to a shopping mall. He knew that his wife is fashion-conscious and shopping was always her passion. At first, I was reluctant to follow my father’s decision to go to a shopping mall, but looking at my mother’s excited face, I suppressed my disagreement. To cheer myself up, I listened to my favourite Korean girl group, T-ara. Out of the blue, Kris snatched my iPod and earphones.

“Kpop, Kpop, Kpop! So boring!”, he said.

He started to tease  me when I was trying to get my iPod back.

“Hahaha! Take it back if you can”.

                He was naughty but deep down in my heart I knew and proud to say that he is the best brother in the world! He always cares for me and very protective and help me whenever  I am in difficulties. He is a good motivator too. To me, it was normal if he was sometimes naughty. He was just like other brothers who like to tease their sisters. We were very close actually. Some people thought that Kris was my boyfriend as we were very close and not like the other brother and sister.  The same thing goes to Kai and Qri. They were also close to each and share everything together.

                After an hour, we arrived at KB Mall. My brother and I didn’t buy many things but Kai and Qri had a lot of new toys. They were very blissful. After tired of shopping, we went to a beach. Kai and Qri were playing their new toys. Kris and I built sandcastles by the beach. My parents only watching us enjoying ourselves.

                We did a lot of things at the beach. We played beach ball, took our lunch, swam in the beautiful blue sea, and took some pictures together. We really enjoyed ourselves until we didn’t realize it was getting late. It was almost 7 pm. Kris helped my parents to pack things up and I helped Kai and Qri to change their clothes. As it was getting late, we rushed home.

                Everybody was tired. My little sister slept on my mother’s lap at the front seat and my younger brother slept on my lap. I put my head on Kris’ shoulder, trying to sleep as well. While I was about to close my eyes, Kris hold my hand very tightly and suddenly said,

“If I was no longer in this world, please take a good care of our family and always keep an eye on Kai and Qri like what I always do for you. Do not let anyone to harm our family. Promise me , okay?”

                Surprised with his sudden weird act, I could not utter a word. I really didn’t understand what did he trying to tell. Along the journey home, Kris kept holding my hand. Suddenly, I sensed that something really bad was going to happen.

                We reached home at 8.00 pm. When my mother opened the door, four guys armed with knife and guns forced us to enter our house quietly. One of the pointed a gun to my father, another one put a sharp knife at my brother’s neck and the other two pushed us aggressively into the house. They were all wearing mask, so I couldn’t recognize them. One of the masked man instructed a thin guy to go upstairs to search for money or any valuables.  The man who instructed the thin guy was the tallest. He might be the leader.  He looked tough. The other two robbers pointed their guns on my parents and us. The guns are right infront of my eyes. I stood rooted  to the floor and hugged my youngest sister very tightly.  Qri hugged me tightly and did not opened her eyes. She was shocked.

                But Kai, my younger brother’s condition was worse. He was quite far apart from us was under a gun targeted on his forehead. He was crying as he couldn’t hide  his fear anymore. The meaned robber asked him to be silent and stop crying. But Kai couldn’t control his fear and I saw him trembling. The robber shouted at him which making his condition worsen. Kai cried even louder. He needed someone  to calm him down. Suddenly, he stood up and ran towards Kris, looking for a protection.

“Don’t move!” one of the robbers shouted on top of his voice.

                Without mercy, he shot towards Kai before he could  reach Kris’ hand. Blood smeared on his shirt and he fell on the floor in front of Kris. My protective brother couldn’t hold his anger anymore and tended to teach the robbers a lesson. They had killed his only brother. He quickly stood up and bravely attacked the robbers. But before he could do anything,

“Baaangg!”, another bullet was shot right to his chest.

“Kris!!!” my mother yelled.

“Shut up! Or I’ll kill you too!!”, said  the tallest guy.

                At that  moment, my tears started to roll down from my cheek. I can’t believe my most beloved brothers had just died before my eyes and I can do nothing.

                Not long after that, the thin guy came down the stairs with all of our valuables. My mother’s gold bracelets,rings,necklace, my own silver bracelet and gold ring,my father’s rings. In short, all of our money and wealth. He left nothing. Not enough with that golden things, the tallest guy asked my father to give him his wallet. My father said  he had not much money left and pleaded not to ask from my mother and me. Angry with my father’s words, he punched my father and step on his face. The other guy took my father’s wallet and my mother’s purse. The thin guy also asked me to surrender him everything I had. Trembling in fear, I passed him my purse too. The same guy also took my brother’s wallet from him who was lying on the floor, succumbed to death.

                I thought that they would just leave us after they had taken what they wanted. But it didn’t happened. The tallest guy then pointed his gun towards my weak father who was also lying on the floor ad he shot him a few times. Then, he stared at my mother like he was going to eat her. As I expected,he shot my mother too! They killed my beloveds mercilessly. I hugged Qri even tighter. The cruel guy was almost threw a bullet on me when policemen arrived. I was saved but not my parents. The house was surrounded but those robbers managed to escape. They left us in pool of blood. I couldn’t stop crying and Qri didn’t let me go as she was traumatic with what had happened. One of my neighbours and a policeman came to us. I was told that the neighbor had called the police when she heard the sound of the pistols and my mother’s scream. She said that she was sorry and promised to help me manage funeral  for my parents and brothers. Qri and I slept in my neighbour’s house that night. After everything is settled,we went back home. Before, there were six of us in the big house and now, it is just the two of us.

                From that moment, it was really hard to even close my eyes for a while because I see the incident replaying in my head over and over again. I still can see very clearly my mother was crying, my father was beaten up, both of my brothers were shot. I regret myself for not being able to do anything. I still remember the last moment before that tragic incident happened. We were having a lot of fun before my happiness was snatched away. I don’t care losing all the properties, but not my family.

                Now, my life is empty. Luckily, that I have Qri by my side. She is my only family that I have now. Together, we have to face the fact that we’re going to grow up clueless and confused. It’s not easy but we will get through it independently. Qri is the only reason why I am still living my life. She is still young, only ten years old and still has a long journey in life. I cannot let her go through all alone. So, I am trying my best to be her parents and take a very good care of her like what Kris had done to me. I will do anything for her. To ensure her to be successful in the future and most importantly, I wil never let anything bad happen to her and will not let anyone to harm her. That tragic and unforgettable moment which took my parents and brothers will always be in my mind. I won’t forget that incident that happened before my eyes. Never!

# sample narrative essay =)

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