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Sounds of engine from the vehicles on the road, neon lights shimmering from signboards, dim lights from the street lights, soft and cold breeze blowing, stars shining, clouds covering the crescent moon, people going here and there.

That are what I see from here, from the rooftop. Watching the scenes down there trigger my curiosity. I can’t stop myself from thinking where are those vehicles heading to, do the shops with the neon lights have many customers today, how are their business doing, and when will the authority care and come to fix the broken lights at the quiet roads behind these tall buildings.

Watching those scenes makes me feel sick. I feel disturbed sometimes and I wish I could fix the broken things I see almost every second of my life. Not only the lights that don’t illuminate anymore, but also the humans. I wish I could fix the people. I wish I could stop people from throwing rubbish out from their expensive cars. It is weird that they afford a car but not a simple knowledge and common sense. 

I wish I could say a word to the teenager who is shouting at her parents but able to talk super softly to the boy she thought could give her more than happiness. It is okay to spend some time with your friends at your youth but it is not okay to shout at the old couple who raised and feed you for so many years.

I wish I could turn the parents’ head to their children who are walking and running here and there without any guard. Who are they going to blame if any bad thing happened to the children? Sometimes, I think that the family with the small kids are the past of the family with the teenage girl. Who knows who is at fault in this matter?

I wish I could provide a better life for the beggars, young and old, handicapped people asking for alms. I wish I could provide a better life for the senior citizens who are carrying heavy loads on their back to feed their family at home. God knows how much they have gone through.
I wish I could see a better scene than what I am seeing. I wish I could see smiles pasted on everyone’s faces. 

I hold my head up and look at the sky above my head. I see the cloud, the stars, the moon and everything else on Earth. They were created by one and only God, the most powerful. Then, I realised I am no one. I am, too, only a human. I am not able to fix everything that hurts me. It is beyond my capability, transcends my mind. I am also trying to fix myself and better my flaws although I know I cannot live without them. I am a human, imperfect in any way. But I know I can be better, better than anything I saw below me.

If I want people to be good, I must be good too. To make other people to be better is beyond me. But I can try. I can try to portray how good deeds can bring us closer and make the world we’re living a better place.

But again, I am only human, imperfect in any way.

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  1. I like your thoughts, though my friend says 3 AM thoughts would be better.