I am totally agree that school authority should never allow the students to bring their cellphones to school. Some people say that there are many benefits for the students to bring cellphones to school but, it is obviously more ill-effects than benefits. That is why the authorities did not allow students to bring their cellphones to school.

           Some of the students said that it will be easy for them to contact their parents if there is any emergency cases such as going to be home late, or maybe to ask their parents to pick them up early. That was just an excuse. Many students did not contact their parents eventhough these situations happen to them. If they going to be back early, they just stay at school and chat with their friends until their parents come. Plus, if the students want to contact their parents, every school have a phone booth, so, the students can use the phone booth to call their parents. No coins? Do not be a big liar! If students really did not have it, they can just borrow it from their friends. It is totally not a big deal if the students did not have cellphones with them at school.

         On the other hand, cellphones may bring big problem to the students in class. Every students especially teenagers already has boyfriend or girlfriend. In class, the students will distract their attention. They pay more attention to the cellphones. Some of them are replying SMS from their boyfriend or girlfriend while the teachers are teaching. They will loss their concentration and nothingof the taechers' word will stick in their mind. The only thing that will stick and forever stick in their mind is their lovers' words. The conclusion, when the teachers are teaching, the students are texting. Is that what do we call benefits? I do not think so.

       Plus, as we know, the students are rich. They have rich parents and lots of money. So, they afford to buy an expensive cellphones. Some students have Blakberry, C3, C6, Nokia N-series and other luxurious cellphones. In the same school, there will be students that could not buy wealthy cellphones. So, they might steal it! No matter how cautious we would be, the cellphones might just missing. At this time, what will the students do? Of course they will  tell the teachers because they did not have any other choice. Then, the teachers will say "Who ask you to bring  the cellphone? Serve you right!". Want to  report to the police? The police will not pay their attention too.

        Last but not least, cellphones will not only bring trouble to the students but also will bring big problem to the school too. There are lots of cases about students fighting during recess. The students with the cellphones that was completed with a high quality camera, will record everything that happened during the fight. Then, some of them will upload the video and spread to the whole world through Youtube and Facebook.Just imagine what will the people think about the school if they watch the video. It will affect to the school's name too.

        As the conclusion,school authority should not allow the students to bring their cellphones to school. There are more negative effects than positive effects.

 *my essay for TRIAL PMR 2011:ENGLISH LANGUAGE[PAPER 2:SECTION A] checked by Puan Roshanizan Binti Rashid.

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