Hermm ,  Felt so bored so I think I wanna update my blog. Before this I wrote about kids and parents and about cellphones in school. This time, it is still related to school. I wanna write about DISCIPLINE. This entry is actually also an essay..err..i mean..my homework that my teacher gave it to me. But this essay is kinda my opinion on this topic. So, I think nothing wrong if I wanna share my ideas, rryt? Hehehe… btw, it’s actually an interview. But I changed it to a normal essay. I really2 hope dat all of u guys get sumthing beneficial from this entry. =) Here we go,guys!!
              As we can see in our own school, indiscipline cases among students is increasing from day to day [owh,guys!dont get offended wif this sentence, its just an essay.i’m not saying ur school is not good but…yeah u understood it already..u know…]. So,as a student, myself, I just want to shout out my ideas about this worrying issue. Nowadays, most of the students break the rules and regulations that have been fixed by school. This issue is increasing. The teachers really out of idea how to overcome this problem. It gives them a heavy headache!! [poor teachers..i’m so sorry teachers if I was one of ‘em..=_=]
             Why this happened? Who cause it? What is the reason? Who is responsible? Who should be blamed? Who teach them to be like that? Parents? Teachers? Peer? Members? Students themselves? Or… It is written for the kids to be like that?! Wanna blame God?!
             Don’t put blame on Allah , HE already said that HE won’t change somebody’s fate if he/she didn’t change it. Actually , there are many reasons. But the most popular reason is PEER INFLUENCE. Students got influenced easily by their members , peers , friends , or buddies or whatever u call ‘em.  On a very first week of school, everything was under control, the students were so very disciplined. BUT!  After a few weeks, they got friends and most of their friends are ruined I mean , indiscipline students that always “buat onar” at school. Then,  the indiscipline students spread their viruses to the new kidz [ poor kidz..sigh]      and the new kidz infected! When their friends didn’t put on badge on the shirts or veils, they take off their badge, when  their  friends wear short socks, they cut off their sockz , and when their friends have lovers , they start to love somebody too [eventhough they didn’t love themselves..again..sigh..] and many2 more things that teenagers easily influenced. Parents should know that members are the most influential person in students’ life [I wrote this in serious mode..]
             PARENTS are the most important person to play the most important role to shape their kidz. One of the reason increasing in indiscipline cases is lack of parental care and love. Parents are always busy at work looking for some money and wealth until they forget the most precious wealth at home. They didn’t realize they have it.  Students can do whatever they wanna do because no elders will scold them or tell them the “DON’T” word.  PARENTS should know who their children be friend with so that their kidz will not get negative influence. They should know where their kidz are at all tym. This is what do we call TAKING CARE THE KIDZ BCOZ THEY LOVE and not CONTROLING KIDZ’ LYF [but they control bcoz they care..believe my words dude]
          The students said that at these ages, they should enjoy themselves and not  studying.  Looks like they are bored with studies. The students really didn’t realize the importance of knowledge during these ages. What knowledge can do to their future and themselves. If they wanna enjoy themselves, they still can do it until the end of their lyf! Knowledge is the main key to happy lyf. Only by studying, we  wil get the key of happiness.  Sometimes, the students can’t handle stress, so, when they’re stressed, they feel lyk wanna enjoy to relieve stress. Maybe some of ‘em were stress due to family probs or maybe bcoz of studies. So, they give up from studying and do other unimportant things. From here, appear a statement saying BORED WITH STUDIES.
           One more thing that brings bad influence to the kidz. MEDIA. Some of the programs on the TV shows how “good” does it feel to be a bad teens and how to be bad teens. Programs lyk that shouldn’t be watched by uder ages kidz and teenz. This may bring ill effects to them. Ryt here, PARENTS should know and control the programs watched by the studentz. Can u see it? Every reasons related to each other.
          But, actually, among all of the reasons written, it comes back to the students themselves. If the student can really take good care of themselves and have enough motivation, know what’s good and bad, they will never get influenced and stay to be a good teen. Therefore, parents must play their role as the guardian and give them the motivation, love and tell them what’s good and bad. The rest, it’s teen’s choice.
          CONCLUSION, everybody including government, schools, families, teachers, people and student themselves have to work together to overcome  this worrying indiscipline students’ probs. If the student can’thelp themselves, WE must help. It’s OUR RESPONSIBILITIES!! [peace everyone! v  =) ]
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