Hello guys. Assalamualaikum. Blog ni macam dah entah apa-apa je. Kejap di update kejap tidak. Hahahahaha. 

Ok la I update ni bukan pasal apa. Sebab I boring uolss. Hahaha. Dah cuti berbulan bulan tak buat apa gila ko x boring? Hahaha. 

Okay back to real business. What I really want to talk about is FUTURE. 

Have you thought of your future no matter how old you are? I mean it's future. Non-predictable. We planned like this but it happened to be another way around. 

Just like what happened to me after SPM. I planned to learn hard in science and get a job in science field and then I'll be famous for it and show to all non-muslims scientists and doctors who keep the denying the existence of God that God does exist and everything in the world happen by His permission. Until now no one can explain how oxygen is created. From where it comes? The trees yes right. But from what process? And not all people believe that humans are originated from apes, monkeys. Because I am not! 

Well, that's what I thought years ago. But now, things are different. I am not born into this world to be a scientist. I cannot excel in science subjects. Physics, Chemistry and what not is not my passion anymore. 

I have just realised that my real passion, my real dream is to be an educator. Someone who can teach, nurture, share, gives hope to people. And what I want to teach is ENGLISH. That is the thing that I am very good at. 

You know, when I grow older and get more matured each day in my life, my real ambition and my goal in life gets clearer. Before this I only consider my interest and pays to set my ambition, what I want to work as when I grow up. But now I realised that interest alone cannot help much to excel in life. Ability. My ability. If I am not able to even get an A in science subjects, how can I get an A for my career? But it's different for English. I got A for English. I got my confidence to write and talk in English. I can do well for English. People acknowledged me as an expert sometimes. In ENGLISH. There. I know that I must share my knowledge with others. Younger generations most probably. And the way to share it is by teaching. The best way. Because people trust teachers and teachers nowadays got high payment =p

So, in order to be a teacher, I must be a student first. I mean I need to learn basic skills to be a teacher and gain more knowledge in what I want to teach. In my case, English. 

So, I applied for TESL courses in UPU last time. And also for linguistics. You know just in case that I might be not suitable to be a teacher then I can't take TESL course. I probably ended as an author. Well who knows what the future holds? 

So far, that's what I planned. And I am very grateful that my family supports my decision to be a teacher. Seriously, I don't want to torture myself in science field anymore. I am not born to live with it for the rest of my life. Hahahahhaa. 

I really hope what I planned will be real someday. I really have the passion to study English more and to share it. And also I want to change people's mentality that say "ENGLISH IS HARD" , " ENGLISH IS BORING, NO FUN". 

Dudes out there who say those words, watch out. I'm coming for you. And I'll change your mind! 

Haaaaaa gitu kooo semangat nya tuhhh. Hahahahahaha. 

Tapi one thing yang I paling takut sekarang ni adalah I will FAIL THE INTERVIEW. Nauzubillah janganlahhhh fail kali ni. UPSI kot. Masa depan lebih terjamin gittew. But it's not surprising if I don't pass the interview because I was so lame and idiot in front of the interviewers. Hahahaha

Ok la ok la. That's all for now. See ya guys around(kalau ada yang baca lah. Hahaha) 

Assalamualaikum. Peace yo! 

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