Assalamualaikum and hello people!

So 4 days had just passed. Means that I've been UPSI for 4 days and a half now. Well literally 5 days. Quite fast the time is flying away. So this time I want to tell you guys about orientation week in UPSI that I've had experienced for the past 4 and a half day. 

First, the registration. It went quite well unless that we have to sit and wait for our turn to give them our biodata, medical check up forms, take our room's key and photography session. The flow is quite slow compared to matriculation's registration last year. But yeahh it went all well. 

After all those things settled, I got my keys so my sisters and I went ip way hiiiiiigh to my room. God it's on third floor!! The block is the most faaaaar from cafe and I live in the third floor. Well I guess this is the signal or a chance for me to lose some weight. Hahahha. So I was the first one to enter the house. It's not that big but complete with 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, place to hang your laundry, a sink. Each room contained 2 beds and 2 lockers or cupboards which means two people for each room. Aaaand my roommate is 20 years old, from Sabah and we're from the same faculty, language and communication. But she took the course of Arabic Language and me, TESL. And there're another 3 housemates in the same course as hers. Another housemate is in Science field. ( the moment I'm writing this my roommate got in. Panjang umurnya. Hahahaha ) 

So yeahhh majority of us which are four people are in Arabic Language course. I am so blessed. I've always want to learn Arab since after PMR and now 4 gonna-be-arab-teachers are my housemates. If I got the chance and time I'll be learning from them maybe. Hehe. 

So minggu orientasi as usual, the most tiring period. But this suai kenal period is better than matric's. No shouting facilitators. They were all so kind and helpful. For the whole five days we have to ride the bus from our hostel to dewan besar. If lucky and early, you'll get a seat in the bus or not you have to stand. And this is my very first experience standing in the bus! The most frightening was I had to stand on the stairs and the door was opened. It was just for 20seconds or so but seriously I freaked out. 

For muslims, there is no solat berjemaah except for solat jumaat. So you have to pray on your own at the surau near the dewan besar. Crowded I tell you it is very crowded. But if kita ikhlas, Allah will ease everything. 

The week was filled with talks, speech and my favourite is, majlis ikrar! Through that ceremony, we were confirmed as students of UPSI or anak kandung suluh budiman. We recited the ikrar and yeahhhh we're officially anak kandung suluh budiman!! I still don't understand what does that mean but so what, it sounds good. 

New students don't have to worry about facis or seniors. They are all so caring, responsible, sporting, kind hearted and they handled us very well with full of manners and maturely. I've learned a lot of energizers and totally will never forget. 

So, all in all, my minggu orientasi in UPSI went well. No troubles at all. But of course tired as hell and sleepy all the time during the talks. 

That's all. UPSI is one of the top universities in Malaysia where they produce the educators for the next generation that will lead our country. I am proud to be chosen to be here. And yes since I got the course that I want, I'm not gonna waste this chance. I'll do my best to be the best student and the best teacher in future. And show to Malaysians that English is fun!!

So see ya guys again around!

Ps: my class will start tomorrow and I still dont know how to ride the bus. Hahaha
Pss: people here call me SYAWAL instead of WALYNN. Awkward at first but it sounds better and yeah I like it. Hahaha. My sis punya pasal la suruh depa pggl Syawal. Hahaha

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  1. Nk tnye. Bacaan ikrar tu sekali je ke sepanjang belajar?