“Are you okay now?”, Ji asked worriedly.
“I’m okay. Sorry I troubled you much and thank yo…” Yuni’s words stopped by Ji.
“Sshhh! What matters now is that you’re okay. God knows how much worried I was”

Yuni’s face was still pale. But her health seems to be improved than before. She’s always sick. She’s a little weak compared to Ji. This time, she fainted because she was lack of water and did not have enough  rest. Whenever she’s sick, Ji will always be by her side. Taking care of her, give her medicine on time, make sure she had enough sleep  and eat well. They were studying in a same university and started their friendship as roommate. Since then, they’re best friend.

                Ji had just finished her class and returned to her room. Yuni was sleeping soundly without turning off her laptop and her hand was holding a pen, probably jotting something from her online reading. Ji took a look at the screen to know what was Yuni up to. She was reading Yazmin’s blog. Their senior who’s so famous with fashion. Her Instagram almost reached 10 000 followers. Yuni’s passion is about fashion and Yazmin is her idol in fashion. Yuni has always wanted to approach Yazmin and talk about fashion but it seems to be impossible as Yazmin was surrounded by famous people too.
“She must be tired”
Ji uttered to herself before she removed the pen from Yuni’s grip slowly.  She made herself comfortable and sat beside Yuni on her bed. Ji stroked Yuni’s hair, revealing Yuni’s sweet face.
“Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up”
Ji said when Yuni seemed to be disturbed by her treat.
“No, it’s okay. I’ve been waiting for you anyway. Let’s grab a bite, shall we? I’m hungry”
Yuni spoke with her eyes still half opened.
“Okay” Ji pasted a smile.
                Neither of them will eat without each other’s presence. They always sneaked in their busy schedule to at least had meal together. Their friendship was like family bond. Some of their other friends thought it’s impossible to even make them quarrel over little things. They’re as close as sisters. Even sisters might be jealous of how close they were.
                It’s midnight already. Their routine is to study and finish their assignments. Ji was in deep of her thoughts staring at the book when she heard sobs. It was Yuni.
“Oh, dear! What’s wrong?”
Ji approached Yuni seemed to be worried of what had caused her best friend to cry at this hour.
“Help me, Ji! I don’t think I can do it anymore. There’s so much thing I have to insert in my brain and I am not capable of doing it anymore. Help me”
Yuni said between her sobs.
“Relax, Yuni. Calm down. Of course you can do it. You always do well in exam. I believe you can do it this time like you always do.”
Ji hugged Yuni with a feeling of concern and worried.
“Now, why don’t you go to sleep? Maybe you’re just stressed”
Ji said while wiping Yuni’s tears from her cheeks.
“Okay. But can you sleep with me tonight? I need a company until I fall asleep. Please?”
Yuni pleaded asking for some Ji’s love.
Ji switched  off the light and moved towards Yuni’s bed. As soon as Ji got onto her bed, Yuni hugged Ji very tightly. Ji hugged her back. Yuni could feel the warmth and care in Ji’s hug that made her sleep instantly with comfort. More than a best friend, Ji can also be a motivator to Yuni. Whenever Yuni was in deep sadness or feeling down, Ji will always be by her side, motivating, uttering words to comfort Yuni. How can they not love each other like sisters if whenever one is in sorrow the other one always there to cheer up.

“Excuse me? You’re Yuni Ahmad, right?”
It was Yazmin. Yuni’s idol. Yuni was surprised that she could not say a thing. Ji who was also there, stared at both of them blankly. Ji tapped Yuni’s hand to make her speak out.
“Ye… y…yes. I… I am Yasmin.. sorry I mean I am Yuni Ahmad.”
Yuni stammered as she was nervous and shocked at the same time for her idol to greet her first.
“Oh,great! I’ve been looking for you. I read your blog and you have a pretty good taste in fashion. I really love it. And thanks for all the  compliments by the way”
Yazmin chuckled a little.
“Oh… we..well you helped me. I mean I read your blog too and I got inspired from there, thanks to you.”
Yuni smiled.
“Can we be friends? Here’s my number. WhatsApp me. Maybe we can hang out sometimes and talk about fashion?”
Yuni replied briefly. Yazmin left after saying goodbye to both of them.
Yuni’s still surprised. She slapped herself many times to confirm that she’s not dreaming. Yuni was extremely happy and Ji was happy for her too. Finally she can talk to someone who has same passion as her and that person is her idol!
“Come, Yuni. Let’s have breakfast”
“You go on first. I’ve promised Yazmin to meet her this morning”
“Oh, then I’ll follow you”
“No,no, no. I mean we’re going to talk a lot about fashion. I’m afraid you might get bored. And  there’ll only fashion people there.”
“Okay then. Just don’t forget to take your breakfast later.”
                Ji walked to the café alone. She really felt awkward. Eating alone. As if the world has no other living creature except her. Ji went back to her room. Yuni still was not there. Ji thought they really had a great time talking about fashion thingy.
                Out of the blue, Ji’s head ached. She always attacked by headache for months now. Her illness has no cure. All she could do is swallow painkiller when her head aches. But this time, the ache was so strong. She felt that she’ll pass out by any time. She cried for help but her voice wasn’t loud enough. She stumbled to the door to ask for help but before she could speak out, her world went all dark.
                Ji tried to open her eyes slowly. She saw Suri. Another friend of her from the same course.
“What happened? Where am I?”
Ji asked with a low tone voice, sounded very weak.
“You’re in hospital now. You’re unconscious  for the whole day. I found you lying in front of your room. Luckily I passed by and saw you or else I don’t know what might happen to you. I tried to call Yuni but she seems to be very busy that she ignored my calls. Has anything happened between you two? And one more thing, do you know that you have…”
Suri talked like bullet. Before she could finish, Ji stopped her.
“Yes, I knew. And Yuni’s probably really busy. Nothing happened. Now, shall we go back to hostel?”
                Once they arrived at the hostel, Suri offered to accompany Ji to her room but Ji rejected her offer. She thought that she must have caused a lot of trouble to Suri for the whole day. The door was unlocked but Yuni wasn’t there. A little while after Ji rested her head on the pillow, Yuni came in. She seemed like rushing and packed some things into her bag. Ji wondered.
“Where are you going, darl?”
“Oh uhm. To Yazmin’s. We’re up to a big project now. Yazmin asked me to be her assistant for annual fashion show. So, tonight I’m sleeping with her. Take care, good night!”
Yuni explained to Ji without even looking at Ji’s pale and sick face. Ji only watched her stepped out of the room without asking how’s Ji doing today after not facing each other for this whole day. Ji a little frustrated with Yuni’s act but she kept a positive thinking.
“She must have done a good job. She seems happier too. Well, if you’re happy then I’m happy too,Yuni.”
Ji uttered to herself. She went to sleep with the ache. Alone.
                A week passed after Ji fainted and she’s still sick. She ate more medicine than food. She had not gone for classes for three days until weekend. Meanwhile, Yuni’s busy with fashion show and spent a lot of time with Yazmin. The show is a week ahead. They’re busy looking for models, trendy styles, music, clothes and advertising their show to the whole college. Yuni felt guilty for Ji as she’s not at her side to take care of Ji when she’s so sick. But Yuni had promised to take care of her after everything is done. For now, Yuni’s priority is the fashion show. It’s her dream to organize a fashion show and she’s doing it with fashion idol.
                That night Ji’s head was aching again and she felt like the world is spinning. Luckily Suri was there to help her to take her medicine. Suri was always kind to everyone and now it’s Ji’s turn to enjoy Suri’s kindness. Ji don’t know how many times she thanked Suri for troubling herself looking after Ji.
“Don’t mention it, Ji. What are friends for? But I wonder what’s Yuni up to now.  Everyone noticed that you and her had been far apart since she knew Yaz…”
Again, Suri’s words was stopped by Ji
“Sshhh. She knows what she’s doing now. She’s making her dream to come true. Organizing a fashion show and that, with her idol. This is one in a lifetime chance. If you were given a chance like that, will you just let it pass by just because your friend is sick?”
“Yes! Yes I will just let it go. Because a friend of mine who cares for me more like a sister and always be at my back is sick and need someone to look after her. A best friend should be a priority no matter what!”
 Suri toned a little angry. Ji took a long and deep sigh.
“I miss  her. I meet her everyday but I really miss her a lot.”
Ji sounded  choking. Suri comforted her by rubbing her back. Suri has to leave to her room, leaving Ji alone. Ji really missed Yuni so much. She reached her phone to make a call or send a message to Yuni but she cancelled it. She’s afraid it might distract Yuni. Instead of texting to Yuni, she reached a pen and a piece of small paper. She wrote the thing that she wanted to tell Yuni at that time. Later, she went to her bed and asleep with the ache from her illness and the pain from the feeling of missing her very best friend.
“Min, I’m afraid I can’t help you today. I want to be with Ji today. She has been sick. I feel wrong for not be by her side now. I guess I’ll just stop my work here. I’ll come back when the show is on. May I?”
Yuni arranged her words carefully to not hurt Yazmin.
“Sure. It’s okay. You really helped me and the team a lot. Don’t forget to come for the show later. And say hi to Ji. I hope she’ll get well soon.”
Yazmin curved a smile and that made Yuni felt glad. Her idol is happy with the outcome of her works and now she can always be with her best friend that she really miss.
                Yuni rushed to her room. It was already lunch time so she stopped at the café to grab lunch for her and Ji. It has been fortnight since they eat together. Yuni started to realize that she should not treat Ji this way. She could have leave the project earlier and focus on taking care of Ji like what Ji always did to her.
                When she arrived at her room, Ji was still laying in her bed. Sleeping, she thought. Yuni felt hurt the moment she saw Ji’s pale face. It was pretty obvious that Ji is suffering. Her eyes become teary.
“How could I ignore you in this condition? My priority should be you, my dearest. I’m very sorry.”
Yuni whispered to herself while stroking Ji’s soft hair. With a soft voice, Yuni woke Ji up.
“Ji, wake up. Let’s eat. Come on now wake up.”
Ji did not respond. This time Yuni shook Ji’s body a little and hold her arm.
“Ji,wake up. I brought us lunch. Ji, why are you so cold?! Ji, wake up now!”
Yuni could feel something is wrong. She keep waking Ji up but Ji’s body was frozen and did not respond. With trembling hand, Yuni checked Ji’s pulse. No beat. Then she put her fingers beneath Ji’s nose. No air out. Ji wasn’t breathing.
Yuni shouted at top of her lungs and sobbing. Her voice can be heard along the hallway. At that moment, Suri came in and tears already in her eyes. Suri approached Yuni slowly and spoke with a low tone
“She has been suffering cancer all this time. She wished to spend her last moment with you but… She didn’t want to tell you until you’re not busy. It seems like her time’s over now”
Yuni cried even harder. She grabbed Ji’s hand and found a note together with a necklace. It was their couple necklace with letter JY which stand for JiYun, the combination of their names. Yuni took a look at the note. She knew that hand writing very well. It was Ji’s. The note contained,
“How much I love myself, it still cannot beat the love from me towards you, my best friend, my sister, my half. I miss you a lot, Yuni. How I wish you’re here with me so I can stare at your face and tell you how much I missed and love you… before I breathe my last breath”
                Yuni could not utter a word. Tears flowed from her eyes non-stop. She couldn’t hold her feelings and so she shouted again
                                Yuni shouted and sobbed harder. But no matter how much tears she spent, even if the tears will flood the whole world, her Ji, her best friend will never return. She cried, in regret, and her best friend, the best friend she could ever had, is gone. Forever.

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