Assalamualaikum and hi everyone who's still into blogging in this era.

Nothing much to say tonight. Just 'doodling' words to chase my boredom. Well, I was actually asleep as I rested my head on the table. But then I woke up to make myself more comfortable to sleep, on the bed. Only to find out that I am so wide awake. 

Typical student aye? Damn sleepy at the study table but damn awake on the bed. 

So since I've done the Reading Skills homeworks, which will be discussed tomorrow, I literally have nothing to do tonight. Well, assignments await but please not tonight. 

So I grabbed the new novel that I bought. The very first novel that I bought by myself using my own money ( I mean the WPP money ). Why do I buy the novel? Big question here as I have never interested in reading especially novs, specifically love themed novels. The reason I bought it is because I want to nurture myself with reading. Reading is very important especially for someone like me. A language learner which is being expected to be a language teacher in future and a person who loves to write a lot. A beginner author maybe. And the novel I mentioned earlier is from Cecelia Ahern entitled The Year I Met You. Seems interesting for the first five chapters I've read. A good start to be a good reader I guess. 

So I have been thinking that to have reading interest is very important, essential to person like me. Why do I think this way although my so called favourite author is not a reading person? Because I don't have a creative and "think out if a box" brain. So I need to find ideas and be inspired by well known authors and good books with interesting story lines. Yes I really need it. 

I am a very beginner in reading. I am so not into books or novels. Comics too are not my interest anymore. I am working to make myself love reading. Or should I say, forcing myself to read. 

Another reason that I want to be a reader is how do I expect people to read from me if I din't read from others, from them? And also, I need to know readers' emotions and thoughts when they read. The only way to know is by putting myself in their place. To read. So that I'll know what kind of plot, stories or words used to attract them, to turn them off, to make them feel like finishing the story or to make them feel like " what the hell is this author bullshitting? ". Right. 

So I have to plant in myself the attitude of liking to read and be a reading enthusiast. To be a good writer and of course to enhance my English. 

Oh and one more thing. About reading. My lecturer had told me a story. She saw a person aged about 19 years old (which is same with my age), I can't remember whether it's a boy or a girl, at a railway station if I'm not mistaken, holding a Quran and a highlighter probably. Reading the Quran and highlighting the words in that Quran. My lecturer asked the teen " What are you doing? ". And the person answered, " Reading(or tadabbur) the Quran ". And I don't remember much the lecturer's words after that, I guess my lecturer asked why is the teen so interested in reading or maybe something related like that. And the teen's answer is very interesting abd has opened my eyes wide, " I read to reduce my laziness, whenever I read, I do something and I am not lazy and can use my time to the max on things that benefits me" 

TO REDUCE LAZINESS, guys. I have been searching for something to cure my laziness and now I guess I've found one of the solutions. So that is why, I want to nurture myself to be a reader. I have to be. 

That's all for now. See ya guys later! Peace yo! 

And here's my very first novel:

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